Holo Books

The Dragons of Jupiter – by Jacob Holo (read a sample)
Kirkus Review
Novel Origin
Fun: Drake Squad – Mercenaries at Large
the dragons of jupiter cover front v2 blog
Time Reavers – by Jacob Holo (read a sample)
Novel Origin
Time Reavers Cover - blog
Humanity Machine – by Jacob Holo
1st Draft Half Done
1st Draft Complete
2nd Draft Complete
Fun: Athens Assault
Humanity Machine Front Cover - Small
Seraphim Revival – by Jacob Holo
Book Trilogy Reveal
Bane of the Dead Cover blog Throne of the Dead Cover blog disciple-of-the-dead-cover-front-072515-2

The Wizard’s Way – by H.P. and Jacob Holo
1st Draft Complete

Fan Art
Right Here!

Writing Techniques
Character Sheets
Prototype Story

Cover Art
Humanity Machine – Cover Work-in-Progress
Seraphim Revival – Book 2 Cover Art
Seraphim Revival – Book 3 Cover Art
Seraphim Revival – Spine Art
The Dragons of Jupiter – Cover Artist
The Dragons of Jupiter – Cover Rough Sketch 1
The Dragons of Jupiter – Cover Rough Sketch 2
The Dragons of Jupiter – Cover Preview
The Dragons of Jupiter – Cover Art Complete
Time Reavers – Front Cover Rough Sketches
Time Reavers – Back Cover Rough Sketches
Time Reavers – Cover Color Studies
Time Reavers – Cover Preview
The Wizard’s Way – Cover Reveal

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5 replies

  1. Holo Writing needs more book trailers like this. Epic.

  2. Please consider a follow up of Dragons of Jupiter. It was one of my favorite books lately, still trying to find something similar…

    Looking forward to Disciple of the Dead!

    • Thanks, Nikolai!

      I definitely plan to write a sequel to The Dragons of Jupiter. There are a couple writing projects I want to complete first, but the story I started in Dragons is one I feel very passionate about and have every intention of continuing.

      Disciple of the Dead should be out in about a month. Editing is complete, and we’re now working on the paperback’s layout. We’re very excited about getting the whole Seraphim Revival released. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Thank you jacob holo for writing great books that make people’s day and when you realse the sequel to dragons of jupiter please notify me I would be happy to purchase one copy .

    • Thanks, Tanner!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book and are looking forward to its sequel. The best way to stay informed of when we release new books is to subscribe to our newsletter.


      We’re on schedule to release at least one new book this year, and we may even be able to announce one or two very awesome surprises. 🙂

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