The Dragons of Jupiter: Cover Rough Sketch, Version 2!

rough sketch 2 ver2 small

Kaneda’s dropfighter ground to a halt just outside the city. Explosive bolts blew the rear hatch open. The locks holding his armor released.

“Move out!” Kaneda shouted.

Crusaders stormed out of the dropfighter. Kaneda raised his Gatling gun and followed. He stepped off the metal ramp and onto the moon’s surface. Ice crunched under his boots. Leftover gel from the bombing run still burned in patches on the gray, drab buildings. Crusaders splashed through shallow pools that quickly refroze.

“Spread out! Secure those buildings!”

Jupiter’s storm-wracked face rose in front of him. Kaneda paused and looked at the planet. It filled the horizon from end to end. Ten years had passed since he’d seen the mighty gas giant with his own eyes. And now he was home again, on Europa, with ice under his boots. He even recognized some of the buildings. The nostalgia of the moment hit him harder than he thought possible, and he hesitated.

The second thing that hit him was a needle grenade exploding in his face.

Excerpt from The Dragons of Jupiter, by Jacob Holo

Robert Chew, a.k.a. CrazyAsian1, has created a new rough sketch for my cover. I have to say, it is fantastic! He has expertly captured the feel I wanted.

The cover maintains the overall layout from previous versions, wrapping around the book. Three crusaders on the front cover, advancing. One dragon on the back, waiting for a chance to strike. They look so cool!

Robert continues to be an excellent artist to work with. He has been very professional throughout this entire process, and I have no doubt that will continue.

Next up, color studies!

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5 replies

  1. Very exciting. It is looking very nice.

  2. Man, that’s a tough choice…I think I like this one a touch more, but the first one has a closeness to it, that I kind of like as well…

    • Yeah, I know exactly what I mean. I wish I could keep playing around with the layout, trying little tweaks here and there. But that wouldn’t be fair to Robert, who is doing a wonderful job for me.

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