The Dragons of Jupiter: Another Reader Review! Five Stars!

The Dragons of JupiterI just got my first Amazon.com reader review for The Dragons of Jupiter! Here it is.

Review by: L Ingraham
Rich and Original
Very good read.  This book takes you on a wild roller coaster ride through the Solar System with action and adventure at every turn.  Jacob Holo paints a detailed picture of the future that is rich in story and original in its content.

The review is for the paperback edition and can be seen here.

Again, what can I say? I think I can call this another satisfied customer. Thank you, L Ingraham. I’m very happy you enjoyed the book!

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  1. Very cool. I am excited and proud for you.

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    Want a good science fiction read? He’s getting good reviews. Try it out. Also, if you like watching customized miniatures get sliced and diced, check out his other posts.

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