The Dragons of Jupiter – New Amazon Reviews! Five Stars!

Dragons of Jupiter Cover Front BlogTwo new five star reviews for The Dragons of Jupiter! That makes three on Amazon.com!

Review by: ChemTeach
Great Action Story
Jacob Holo is a wonderful story teller. Even in this futuristic setting with all kinds of cool tech toys for the warriors, the characters’ personalities still pop. There is not one false or phony turn in this action-packed story of two brothers. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well-constructed plot with great characters.

Review by: John Bingham
Really good cover to cover
I bought it to check out a new author and was really glad to see we have a young and upcoming author who has a great way with sci-fi and keeping it interesting. The story line was easy to follow and moved along without dragging. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Both reviews are for the paperback edition. You can see the reviews here on Amazon.com.

Awesome! Two more five star reviews and two more satisfied customers! And you know what this means? Yep, I’m breaking out the big smiley face!


So who’s in the mood for an action-packed novel? The Dragons of Jupiter is a tale of two brothers who must face each other in a war-ravaged future. If you like your sci-fi novels full of intense battles and bitter, personal conflicts, then this book is for you.

Those who enjoy calm, sedate novels full of peace and harmony may wish to look elsewhere. 🙂

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