Warmachine Cygnar Cosplay: Kara Sloan

Presenting H.P. Holo’s Warmachine Cygnar warcaster cosplay: Captain Kara Sloan!


The stoic Kara Sloan prepares for battle.

Yes, this costume was about as much work as it looks. But it was worth it!


Sloan watches the horizon for the encroaching Cryx army.

H.P. constructed the armor from Wonderflex, a thermoplastic that becomes extremely malleable at oven temperatures, but will hold its shape once cooled. The armor took two months to construct, including a few all-nighters for both of us in order to finish everything for Dragon*Con.


Sloan: “Get back in line, soldier!”

H.P. Holo also received support from one of the Holo-Moms, who contributed her formidable sewing skills to the project. The skirts and belts were her work, and were made pretty much from scratch.


Sloan readies Spitfire, her trusty rifle.

The boiler was constructed using foam board and PVC piping. It’s attached to the back with industrial strength Velcro. In fact, pretty much everything is being held together with industrial strength Velcro. This made getting into and out of the armor easy as long as one person helps out. Bathroom breaks at the Dragon*Con were not a problem, which was a good thing. That armor is hot, and we were both guzzling water to fend off the heat exhaustion.


H.P. Holo: “Your Cryx don’t stand a chance, Jacob!”

Spitfire, Kara Sloan’s impressive rifle, was built around a block of wood cut by the Holo-Grandpa. H.P. located the original Kara Sloan concept art, took the drawing for the rifle, and created a pattern for the Holo-Grandpa to follow. The rest is a combination of PVC piping and Wonderflex.

I think H.P. did an absolutely awesome job on her costume. But, that’s not all we have! Oh no! I had a costume too! Presenting Jacob Holo’s Warmachine Cygnar cosplay: Captain Lynch of the Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team!


Lynch readies himself to support Kara Sloan in battle.

My contribution to this costume was providing the Cygnar rulebook. H.P. and the Holo-Mom did all the rest. What an awesome job they did! They picked out the material, and then made everything from scratch! It looks awesome, but it doesn’t breathe at all! Heat was a major concern for both of us at the convention, but we managed to spend a whole day in costume. At least 30 people took our picture (mostly because of H.P. :-)), 4 recognized the Kara Sloan character, and 2 even recognized I was playing Lynch! Very impressive!


Lynch spots the enemy.

At Dragon*Con, we even got photographed by one of the Privateer Press studio painters. He knew EXACTLY who we were. 🙂 I wish I had written down his name, but in the chaos of the convention, stuff like that got missed.

I like to think of these costumes are Mark I versions. There are plenty of improvements we can make to them, plenty of details from the original characters we can add. For example, I’m not much of a gun mage without a gun. This was my first time cosplaying and it was H.P.’s first time embarking on such an ambitious project. I think we did really well, but I know we can do better for Dragon*Con next year.

Also, the very first change we’re making to the Kara Sloan armor is to put some fans in it. No, seriously. I’m an electrical engineer, and I am building some fans into that armor! That thing is a sweatbox!

So, what do you think of our Warmachine Cygnar cosplay? Please let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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