Time Reavers: Cover Preview!

Time Reavers front cover preview

Daniel held a single finger to his mouth. They were close to where Nicole had been when time stopped, next to the frozen subway train just emerging from the tunnel.

Nicole hardly breathed. She strained her ears. Every little sound they made was like thunder in the silence, but on the very edge of hearing …

It was a most peculiar sound. Like someone furiously typing on an old-fashioned typewriter: distant, but heavy and metallic. The sound grew louder and seemed to come from the closest train tunnel.

Nicole looked at Daniel, who was suddenly all business.

“Reaver,” he whispered.

“What’s a reaver?” she whispered.

“You’ll see. Don’t worry. I’m a professional.”

“For some reason, I’m still worried!” she whispered, following him closer to the subway car.

Daniel reached into his trench coat. There was a brief metallic whisper and suddenly he had a long, elegantly-curved sword in his hand.

The rapid metallic clicking grew louder. Daniel had to speak up so she’d hear him.

“Stand back,” he said, grasping his sword two-handed and lowering his stance. “No need to panic. I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Nicole shuffled back from the subway car, but bumped into a frozen pedestrian and almost tripped.

The sound continued to crescendo.

“Is it supposed to be this loud?” she shouted.

“Must be a big one!” Daniel shouted back. Nicole thought she heard an uneasy waver in his voice.

The metallic chattering grew louder and louder as the reaver came closer.

“How big do they get?” Nicole shouted, putting hands over her ears.

But Daniel didn’t respond. He lowered his sword slightly and turned around. What Nicole saw then scared her more than anything so far. Deathly fear covered every inch of his face.

Excerpt from Time Reavers, by Jacob Holo

Oh yeah! Here we go again! The cover art is almost complete. Robert Chew, a.k.a CrazyAsian1, brings his impressive talents forward once more. Please enjoy this small preview of the awesome artwork that is to come. 🙂

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Time Reavers back cover preview
The reavers lurk outside our reality, watching the Earth with hunger and malice.

The boundaries between our worlds are falling. The guardians at the gate are dead.

The reavers are almost here.

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  1. Incredible illustrations of the Reaver!!!

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