Holo Writing at SpartanCon!

This past Saturday, H.P. and I hosted a table at SpartanCon. We had a lot of fun doing it. A big, warm thank you to Spartanburg County Public Libraries for extending the invitation to us and letting us host a table at their event.

Holo Writing at SpartanCon

H.P. and Jacob Holo are ready for SpartanCon

This picture was taken before things got crazy. And boy, did they get crazy! The head librarian mentioned to us that between eight hundred and a thousand people showed up. We had a wonderful day interacting with plenty of new readers. To everyone who bought our books, thank you! We hope you enjoy them!

The day was a resounding success for us. H.P. and I will definitely be participating in SpartanCon next year.

Of the people who attended SpartanCon, plenty came wearing some superb costumes. Not surprising, since the library hosted a cosplay contest with two 4-day tickets to DragonCon as the main prize. Here you can see me with the winner and her completely homemade Jawa costume.

SpartanCon Jawa Cosplay

Jacob Holo with the SpartanCon cosplay winner

Yes, there is a lovely young lady underneath all of that.

And there’s plenty more awesome cosplay where that came from. Early in the day, I had my picture taken with an Alucard cosplayer. The young gentleman stopped by our table afterwards and was so impressed with our books he brought his friends over to show them. They too left with our books in hand.

SpartanCon Alucard Cosplay

Jacob Holo vs. Alucard. I don’t stand a chance.

And here’s one more really cool cosplay. Why? Because it’s Dead Space. Does there need to be another reason? 🙂

SpartanCon Issac Clarke Cosplay

Jacob Holo with Isaac Clarke. I’m in good company.

Again, thank you to everyone who decided to give our books a try. You’re awesome!

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  1. Great to hear that more and more people are discovering your books.

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