Holo Writing at SC Comicon 2014!

SCComicCon Ready for Day One

Ready for another convention!

This past weekend, H.P. and I participated in the first ever South Carolina Comic Con, organized by the very hardworking Rob Young of Borderland Comics and Games. The event lasted two days and, according to one of the staff members, drew in over six thousand people! I can believe it too. The convention center was packed. The pictures we took do not do the crowd justice because, simply put, we were so busy when the crowds really hit!

H.P. and I had a blast interacting with people at the convention. We met I.R. Harris, author of the dark epic fantasy Bound Trilogy as well as plenty of talented artists. Tons of cool people, many in costume, stopped by our table.

SCComicCon Laughing Man Cosplay

Oh no! My eyes have been hacked!

SCComicCon War Machine Cosplay

Jacob Holo strikes a pose with War Machine.

SCComicCon Impromptu Cosplay Battle

Impromptu Cosplay Battle!

SCComicCon Another Happy Customer

An excited new reader purchases Time Reavers.

SCComiCon Signing Another Book

I signed A LOT of books!

Many of those who stopped by left with our books in hand. We almost blew through our entire stock. Bear in mind, we ordered extras after the success of Tangled Web’s Free Comic Day. Even with that, we still almost ran out. It was a great weekend for us!

SCComicCon Survivors

Our last three Dragons of Jupiter copies!

To everyone who purchased our books, THANK YOU! Welcome to Holo Writing!

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