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Time Reavers Cover Front Only BlogThis is so exciting! People have started asking about the sequel to Time Reavers!

Please allow me to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has inquired about the next book. Your feedback is a precious, wonderful thing. So, on that note, I thought I’d take a moment to talk a little bit about the sequel.

Will there be a sequel to Time Reavers?

Oh, you’d better believe there’s going to be a sequel!

What’s it called?

The working title is Mind Reavers.

What will it be about?

The hidden war between the tau guards and the reavers is about to go loud in a big way. The barrier between our worlds is crumbling. The resolve of the tau guards is failing, and seventeen-year-old Nicole Taylor, with her unique ability to speak to the reavers, may be the only one who can save the Earth.

Also, expect to learn more about the true nature of the reavers in this book. A lot more. Many of the lingering questions from Time Reavers will have light shed on them.

What will happen in it?

Oh, come on. Like I’d answer that. 🙂

When are you going to finish it?

Well, I’ve got to start it first. It’s on the short list of upcoming projects along with the sequel to The Dragons of Jupiter. Right now, I’m focused on making Humanity Machine as awesome and exciting as possible.


I’m sorry. I wish I could write faster too. 🙁

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