Holo Writing at DragonCon!

cosplay doctor who selfie

Bored in a DragonCon line? Selfie time!

CONVENTION TIP: When visiting a convention, even one you’re only going to as a fan, bring business cards. If you have bookmarks or flyers, bring those too. Seriously, you never know who you might strike up a conversation with.

Yeah, about that. At DragonCon, I had to give someone my engineering business card instead of my Holo Writing card. Not my most professional moment there. Oh well. Lesson learned.

So, H.P. and I went to DragonCon and had a wonderful time. There were a huge number of impressive costumes on display, and the panel selection was superb. Highlights for us were the Mass Effect Voice Talent Panel (featuring Mark Meer, voice actor for Commander Shepard cosplaying as Commander Shepard, among a few others). We could tell Mark Meer had experience at improv comedy because he kept the panel lively and on track.

mass effect voice talent panel

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite panel on the Citadel.

We also got to see a new episode of Doctor Who a little early. Getting to watch an episode of that show with over a thousand other fans was an awesome experience, and it was a really smartly done episode that makes me excited about Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.

For this year, we focused on “easier” costumes, going as the 10th and 11th Doctors respectively. Now I put “easier” in italics because H.P. doesn’t do things halfway. She actually sewed together her own 10th Doctor suit, pin-stripes and all! She finished the last details in the hotel room the first day of the convention.

cosplay tenth and eleventh doctors

Jacob and H.P. Holo as The Doctor and The Doctor

Talk about dedication to the hobby. But it was worth it! I simply bought the pieces for my costume. I also discovered something about myself that surprised me. It turns out I really like bowties. I’m going to start wearing them more often.

H.P. also wore a few other costumes, just for some variety during the convention. She portrayed Yomiko Readman from Read or Die and Eruka Frog from Soul Eater.

cosplay read or die yomiko readman

H.P. Holo as Yomiko Readman

cosplay soul eater eruka frog

H.P. Holo as Eruka Frog

While walking around we heard someone shouting after us: “Eruka! Eruka!” It turned out to be two young ladies cosplaying as Blair and Mizune from Soul Eater. They were kind enough to pose with H.P. for a group picture.

cosplay soul eater blair eruka mizune 1

Blair, Eruka Frog, and Mizune from Soul Eater

Both of them wore excellent costumes, though I have to say the one young lady’s Mizune costume was particularly impressive. She also got into her character with a bit of mousey timid behavior, hiding her face in her costume. Very well done!

cosplay soul eater blair eruka mizune 2

Mizune gets a little shy …

And <sigh> I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but here goes.

CONVENTION TIP: If you see an attractive young woman in a revealing costume, DO NOT ASK HER TO EXPOSE HER BREASTS IN PUBLIC!

Seriously, people. Seriously. I can’t believe someone did that while we were taking these group pictures.


Anyway, enough of that. How about we finish off this article with some more awesome costumes? Heck yeah!

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