Holo Writing at SC Comicon 2015!

Holo Writing photographed by Indulge Images

Jacob and H.P. Holo at SC Comicon 2015, photograph courtesy of Indulge Images

SC Comicon 2015 has come and gone, and we at Holo Writing had an awesome time! We met a lot of cool people, saw plenty of superb costumes, and sold lots of books. The turnout was definitely bigger than last year with more people and a convention space about twice the size of the original, which given how huge the first one was is saying a lot.

Oh, and not to sound too excited, but SOMEONE CAME IN A TIME REAVERS COSPLAY! Seriously, people! This happened!

Time Reavers Tau Guard Acrobat Cosplay 1

A Tau Guard, acrobat class, readies his crossbow. Reavers beware!


Time Reavers Tau Guard Acrobat Cosplay 3

You can’t really tell, but I am actually so excited I’m a little dizzy.


Time Reavers Tau Guard Acrobat Cosplay 2

And just so there’s no confusion, this IS a Tau Guard cosplay!

The fine gentlemen pictured above is also a HUGE fan of The Dragons of Jupiter and has mentioned possibly embarking on the (very ambitious) project of making a suit of Crusader Armor as worn by Kaneda Kusanagi in the book. While we talked, I inquired how many times he’s read The Dragons of Jupiter. He asked if I meant cover-to-cover or just picking it up to read a chapter or two for fun. I specified cover-to-cover.

His answer? TWELVE TIMES! 🙂

Yep, that made my day.

H.P. and I also enjoyed having a table next to Fields of Geek. Whitney Jackson and her husband were delightful table neighbors with a wide selection of geek-related pins, and actually Whitney took it upon herself to craft a specialty pin just for us! H.P. wore her new Time Reavers pin proudly the rest of the convention.

Fields of Geek meets Time Reavers

Fields of Geek meets Time Reavers

Unfortunately, H.P. and I didn’t take as many cosplay pictures as last year because, well, we were really busy selling books! (Definitely a good thing!) Fortunately, Indulge Images was on hand to take plenty of photographs of the convention. You can see the Indulge Images SC Comicon 2015 Facebook post here.

And now, one final picture from Indulge Images of me explaining the Seraphim Revival trilogy. Apparently, this is my “there’s-no-such-thing-as-too-much-giant-robot-action” face.

Enjoy. 🙂

Jacob Holo talks about giant robots

Too much is just enough.

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  1. Can confirm: that IS the “there’s-no-such-thing-as-too-much-giant-robot-action” face. Source: friend for a long time. Great post. Love the books.

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