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Seraphim Revival Spine Art - small

“My duty remains clear, even after all that has happened.”

In an empire ruled by the honored dead, seraphs are the ultimate weapons. Fueled by the pilot’s very soul, these colossal humanoid war machines are unstoppable in battle. Only a few possess the gift to control such craft, and those men and women are prized above all others.

The Seraphim Revival book trilogy is one step closer!

The highly skilled Adam Burn has done it again! Above you can see artwork for the spines of the Seraphim Revival paperback editions, which will form the whole image once all three books are placed together.

Featured in this striking art is the mighty seraph of Seth Elexen, the prodigy. Despite first piloting a seraph as a mere child, his background is an anomaly, having descended from none of the bloodlines his people cultivate to breed pilots. Even his namesake comes from his adoptive father, who was the previous generation’s most powerful pilot, and whose death Seth was at least partially responsible for during a critical battle twenty years ago.

Despite this, Seth has not only survived decades of ceaseless combat, but thrived thanks to an unflinching and indomitable will. In combat, he utilized an aggressive, fast-paced fighting style that takes full advantage of his agility. Eschewing ranged weaponry almost entirely, he assaults his foes with an unending blitz of quick strikes.

A simple man at heart, Seth greatly prefers the purity and clarity of combat to the murky machinations of his people’s leaders, but this single-minded focus leaves him vulnerable to the very plots he so despites.

Seth makes his first appears at the beginning of the trilogy in Bane of the Dead.

What is the Seraphim Revival?

This is a story of Intense Mech Combat. The seraphs represent the absolute pinnacle of combat technology. Fueled by the pilot’s own soul, seraphs are capable of drawing upon almost limitless power. The relationship between pilot and machine is symbiotic to the point where any boundaries between them vanish. In a sense, the pilots become their seraphs. Clashes between them are brutal contests where willpower matters just as much as hardware.

This is a story of the Living Ruled by the Dead. Here is a society where the preserved minds of the deceased exercise absolute authority over the living. Seraph pilots are extremely rare, and therefore incredibly valuable. Not everyone, dead or alive, has their best interests in mind.

This is a story of Honor and Betrayal. The best way to take out a seraph is with another seraph, but the gift to command such a craft is hereditary. Many pilots share common bloodlines, and when sides are chosen, some divides fall in the worst possible places.

You mentioned a trilogy of books.

Yes I did. And they are …

Book 1 – Bane of the Dead
Book 2 – Throne of the Dead
Book 3 – Disciple of the Dead

All seraphs launching 2015!

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