Holo Writing at Dragon Con (The Sequel)!*

“We should do the most ridiculous cosplay we can think of.”

This is something that is said frequently in House Holo (mostly by me, with Jacob nodding politely), but rarely comes to fruition. When my sis said that she was joining us for this year’s Dragon Con, however, we knew this was our chance to rock it.

Thus, we bring you Steampunk Kronk, Yzma, and Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove.

*Super late because, unfortunately, novels don’t edit themselves.

ENGPicI chose Kronk to give myself motivation to get buff. Ha.

Kel chose Yzma because she’s basically young Yzma anyway.

Jacob is Kuzco because we found the idea of Jacob with a llama head too good to pass up and he didn’t say no.

dancingJacob did Kuzco’s dancing expertly in the hotel room but punked out on us at the con, so Kel and I had to make up for him.

We were supposed to have additional steampunked props—an oven backpack for me, a potion gun for Yzma, a Tesla coil for Kuzco because why not?—but ran out of time because if you’re not rushing to finish your cosplays at the last minute before a con, you’re not doing it right. Perhaps next year!

Because sis and I are both Disney nerds, we also tossed together some other Disney cosplays. Kel wanted to be The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Esmeralda, so I elected to be her goat (or rather, a steampunk-ish version of said goat).

djaliandesmeAnd because no day with my sis is complete without a Little Mermaid reference, she went as SailDress!Ariel, and I recycled bits of Djali to be (steampunk-ish) Scuttle.

sailarielMeanwhile, Jacob wandered around as the 11th Doctor pretending to be bewildered by his strange companions.

Event-wise, over the years we’ve found that it’s best to approach Dragon Con with no plan whatsoever. It takes so long to go places and waits for the headlining panels are so long that it’s really more fun to walk and people watch until we get tired, and then just go to whatever event is happening nearby to rest our feet.

The panels that we went to were a blast, though. Granted, this long since the event, I can’t remember specifically what we went to, but I remember that at some point we got to sit in the same room with Jim Butcher, Peter F. Hamilton, John Ringo, Jody Lynn Nye, and a general TON of our favorite authors, so that was cool.

And of course, no con post is complete without a gallery of awesome cosplays, so here are some of our favorites from this year:

madmaxThis Mad Max: Fury Road cosplay wins everything.

calvinandhobbesCalvin and Hobbes! 😀

legionLegion from Mass Effect!

satineSatine from Moulin Rouge!

willywonkasNot one, but two Willy Wonkas!

costumenotfoundBudget cosplay = EXPERT LEVEL.

belleandthebeast  A stellar Belle and the Beast!

waitingforgodotThis poor guy waited the whole con.

krieg     And finally, a very in-character Krieg from Borderlands (complete with chatty CL4-PTP)!

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