Holo Writing at AWA!*

*Second in a series of VERY BELATED con posts because, again, EDITING. šŸ˜›

This past September, Jacob and I decided it was time to branch out from our usual tiny, comfy cons and tackle something a little bigger. So we packed up our bow ties and headed to Anime Weekend Atlanta.


AWA held a lot of firsts for us:

It was our first large con (over 30,000 people)!

It was the first con for Bane of the Dead and Throne of the Dead.

It was the first con for our snazzy new Time Reavers t-shirts.


And it was the first con at which we had a t-shirt stolen, which is a sign of success, I guess?

Despite that bump, it was one of the best cons we’ve ever attended. The Seraphim Revival was a massive hit (because obviously, giant robots at an anime convention).

Also, not to toot our own horn (Oh, who are we kidding? We are totally tooting), but the following exchange happened with a surprising number of people:

“I bought (insert book here) yesterday and read half of it last night. I want all the others!”

Variants included “I started this book at lunch and decided I needed the rest.”

My first thought at all of these was “When do you people find time to read at a con? Are there time turners involved?”

My second was, “WHOA. People really like our books.”

Which is a really lovely feeling to have.

Also lovely? Cosplayers, of course! I didn’t get to snap as many photos as I usually do at cons (because OMG SO BUSY), but awesome costumery was rampant. Here are some of my favorites:


Zeppeli! šŸ˜€




Princess Tiana!


Mac and Bloo!

Finally, not a cosplay, but rather the best Dealer’s Room ad that I’ve ever seen:


Needless to say, House Holo is now a little more manly.

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