H.P. Wants to Show Off Her New Dress


This actually came about at FantaSci, but it gets its own post because IT DESERVES IT.

We were bobbing around the Dealer’s Room when we happened upon the Fashions by Figment booth, and I casually mentioned that I like wearing steampunkish garb at convention appearances. Whereupon, in an absolute and divine miracle, the costumers at said booth present me with a dress that 1) matches my hair, 2) is my favorite color, 3) fits as if it has already been tailored just for me, and 4) is steampunk as all get-out.

I don’t usually buy costumes because I prefer to make my own when I have the time, but Julie and Susan are theatrically-trained costumers who know their stuff – and I’m a firm believer that when the divine speaks, you should listen, especially when it concerns hecka cute clothing.

Here are some other views!

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DAT BUSTLE (It’s removable!) #fantasci

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All this to say, if you ever encounter Fashions by Figment at a convention, you should totally check them out. 😀

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