Signed Preorders and Author Chats over at Mysterious Galaxy!

Mysteriouys Galaxy presents David Weber and Jacob Holo discussing The Valkyrie Protocol: October 4th @ 2pm PT

We’re less than a month away from the release of The Valkyrie Protocol, which means it’s almost time for interviews and live streams galore! 😀

For our first, the booksellers over at Mysterious Galaxy will be hosting David and Jacob for a discussion about all things Valkyrie on October 4th at 2pm PT (5pm EST). The event requires signup, so don’t forget to hop on over to the event page to register!

They’re also accepting preorders for signed copies of The Valkyrie Protocol, so if that sounds up your alley, be sure to order from their website! (You’ll want to scroll down to see the order option.)

We hope to see you then! 😀


UPDATE: Here’s the archived video!

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