Amusing Stuff H.P. Finds When Doing Ad Research

When I’m not writing, my main responsibility is marketing our books, and a lot of that involves compiling Amazon Ad keywords – usually by researching books and authors that are similar to ours, and by seeing what kinds of books show up in our Also Boughts.

This often leads me down some interesting Kindle rabbit holes. For example, there was a period where, for some reason, a lot of the readers who bought mecha action-adventure Bane of the Dead were absolutely devouring … harem lit. 😳

That said, here’s a collection of some of the stranger books I’ve come across. 😀

I haven’t read any of these as of yet, but many are so weird that they’ll probably make their way onto my reading list at some point. 🤣 Enjoy!


We’ve reached peak light novel, y’all.


I don’t even care what this is about. I’m 100% reading for the dinosaur hands.


I’m a huge fan of honest, straightforward, unashamed titles, and this is absolutely that.


I can’t decide if science has gone too far…or not far enough.


Bizarre light novel titles are my favorite thing in the world right now.


Ok, given how much I love animals and adorable things, I’d actually read the heck out of this.


You know, given how much time I spend cooking and eating in games, I’d actually read the heck out of this, too.


Have you read any of these little oddities? 😄 Tell me what you thought in the comments!


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