Adventures in Mystery Pikachus

Y’ALL. There’s been a mystery brewing in our yard today. 😳

When I went to see Jacob off to work at The Real World Job, we spotted a weird item in our neighbor’s yard. We thought it was just a leaf bag, but checked it out anyway to find that it was a random Pikachu beanbag. Because of its placement, we figured it wasn’t intended as a decoration, but left it and didn’t think any more of it.

Anyway, Jacob goes to work. I go to the porch to write. When I get up for my break walk, THE PIKACHU HAS MOVED. 😳 And it’s right next to my water hose, right around the corner of my house, perfectly positioned where I can see it. 😳😳 Which is SUPER CREEPY. 😳😳😳

(But, like, still a Pikachu, so I’m not as creeped out as I should be. 🤣)

So I go to investigate this thing. Turns out that it’s not a beanbag, but a giant costume mask…that is light enough to be blown about by the wind. Which proceeds to blow it across my driveway. And is a lot less creepy than anything I was imagining. Thus, by the Rules of Yard Wind, I now have a new writing buddy! #mysterysolved ❤️

Actually I’m going to walk the neighborhood later to see if it blew out of anyone’s yard, ‘cause it’s a really well-crafted mask, and I’d hate for someone to put all that work into it only to lose it. If it doesn’t get claimed, though, IT MINE. 😁

UPDATE: Mystery solved again! It belonged to our neighbors across the street! 😃 Turns out they’d bought it for their son’s birthday party and had been looking for it all day.

Also, it’s not handmade, but rather purchased online for what they claimed was an embarrassing amount of money – which is a super cool thing to learn about my neighbors. As I return their Pikachu mask in my favorite Pikachu shirt. 😄


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