Bane of the Dead is now available in audio!

Surprise, Seraphim Revival fans! 😀 You asked, we listened, and now here it is, the first audiobook in the Seraphim Revival trilogy: Bane of the Dead!

I spent the past several months working with our narrator, Justin Ross Mascorro, to bring this book to perfection. He may be new to the audiobook scene, but I think he did a fantastic job bringing all Jacob’s characters to life, and we’re excited to finally release it into the wild for you to enjoy. 😄

You can currently find it on:

Throne of the Dead will follow close behind – in fact, I’m listening to Justin’s recordings right now! – and Disciple of the Dead will come a few months after that.

It’s hard to plan for specific release dates, as that comes down to how fast our distributor can approve the audiobooks once submitted, but we expect the entire trilogy to be out by Late Fall/Early Winter (and hopefully much sooner than that).

Also, to celebrate the release of our shiny, new audiobooks, I’ve given the eBooks some shiny, new covers! 😀

I’ll also be updating the eBooks themselves to remove some tenacious little errors we discovered during recording that somehow managed to escape our initial copyedits, way back when we first released the series.

The print versions will be updated, too, but that won’t be until we’ve finished the Disciple of the Dead audiobook.

Until then, we hope you enjoy listening to Bane of the Dead! 😀


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