Warmachine Tactics – Cryx: Scaverous

Warmachine Tactics - Cryx: Strike with Scaverous!

Warcasters are the stars of Warmachine, and Cryx has no shortage of powerful and fun-to-play warcasters. Today, I’m taking a look at Lord Exhumator Scaverous!

IN SHORT: Falling somewhere between Asphyxious’ raw power and Deneghra‘s expert debuffing, Scaverous has a spell for every situation. He’s also one tough dude to put down.

STRENGTHS: Scaverous’ main strength is his versatility.

Both of his attack spells have dual purposes. Excarnate is a POW 13 magic attack that can generate a new small-based undead infantry model. Feast of Worms is a 4” AOE that hits for POW 12. It also leaves an AOE that debuffs ARM by 2. That includes when the AOE is fired, which makes the blast damage very respectable. It also makes it a debuff that doesn’t actually have to hit the enemy to be effective, or can be targeted against a less agile enemy nearby.

Scaverous comes with the always awesome spell Ghost Walk for giving his own units some added mobility, and can decrease enemy mobility and DEF with Icy Grip. This spell can only target enemy warrior models or units, but it also prevents them from running or making special attacks. Watch out, though! They can still charge.

But the most exciting spell is Telekinesis. With this, Scaverous can place a model 2” away. Not impressed yet? Let’s combine this with his feat, Black Gate, which gives out boosted magic attack rolls, reduces his spell COST by 1 and increases enemy spell COST by 1.

With Telekinesis and Black Gate, Scaverous can play chess master with the board, moving 7 different models, molding the battlefield to suit his needs and hinder his enemy.

Scaverous also isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. With base ARM 17, 7 Focus, and access to Death Ward, he can conceivably fortify himself to ARM 26 with support from a Skarlock or the Withershadow Combine. Go on. Just try to assassinate him at range.

And with his P+S 14 scythe Avernus, Scaverous can Thresher through living enemy infantry and reap their souls for even more spell casting. The combination of Thresher and Cull Soul is just sick!

WEAKNESSES: Scaverous does a lot of things well, but he doesn’t do any one of them exceptionally well. He’s a generalist, and he suffers a bit because of that. It’s both his greatest strength and weakness all at once.

Also, his feat, while powerful, can only aid a fairly limited number of models in the Cryx arsenal. If you’re looking to do the maximum amount of damage on feat turn, Scaverous’ army list doesn’t have much flexibility.

SYNERGIES: Taking models like Warwitch Sirens, a Skarlock, and the Withershadow Combine are almost always good choices. Since these models benefit from Scaverous’ feat, that makes them even better.

Death Ward can boost the ARM of a full unit or a single model. I like to put it on a powerful warjack. For this, Erebus is at the top of my list. With Death Ward on Erebus, it has DEF 14, ARM 20 and Poltergeist. Yeah, it’s sticking around for a while. As the cherry on top, Erebus has an affinity with Scaverous that lets him collect soul tokens for the Lord Exhumator.

Scaverous likes his arc nodes. Not only can they deploy his attack spells and debuffs at great range, but they’re a powerful assassination vector on feat turn. 2 Excarnate spells back to back with boost attack and damage rolls are not to be trifled with. It’s not going to be enough to put a caster down, but it’s going to leave one heck of a dent in most of them.

JUST FOR FUN: Scaverous’ Telekinesis spell brings a lot of board manipulation with it. What goes great with board manipulation? More board manipulation! Try bringing a Reaper along for its Drag ability.

Hit the target with Telekinesis. Hit the Reaper with Telekinesis. Now activate the Reaper, move up, and Drag in the target. Proceed to beat the target to death with unit of your choosing.

Total distance between Reaper and target at the start? 18” Total distance at the end? 0”

SUMMARY: Lord Exhumator is another fun and powerful Cryx caster. What he lacks in raw talent in any single category, he makes up with in versatility and his insane ability to manipulate models on the board. Scaverous is a fantastic caster, and a fine addition to the Cryx line.

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