Warhammer 40K: Tyranid Army

Presenting my Warhammer 40K Tyranid army.

Warhammer 40K: Tyranid

My Tyranid Horde.


tyranid hordes 4

More of the Horde.


tyranid hordes 1

Even more of the Horde.


tyranid hordes 3

Still going …


tyranids broodlord conversion

Broodlord conversion, leaping forward.


tyranid zoanthrope 2

Zoanthrope awesomeness blew this space marine’s mind.


tyranid zoanthrope 1

Zoanthrope posse.


tyranid winged hive tyrant conversion

Winged hive tyrant conversion. Kind of a crazy pose.


tyranid warrior

Tyranid warrior with his new friend.


tyranid trygon

Stock trygon model. Nothing fancy.


tyranid tervigon conversion

Tervigon conversion, vomiting some more termagants.


tyranid mawloc conversion

Mawloc conversion playing with its food.


tyranid lictor

Lictor sneaking up on one unlucky space marine.

While I’m not the best painter or converter or player … I do have a lot of fun with the hobby. And for me, that’s the whole point.

I currently favor Warmachine over Warhammer 40K for my gaming needs, but there’s no denying that Games Workshop produces fantastic models. The heavy use of plastic in their product lines allows for all sorts of conversion flexibility, which I absolutely love.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at my Tyranids army.

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11 replies

  1. Loved the pics, but what made it for me was the line

    “While I’m not the best painter or converter or player … I do have a lot of fun with the hobby. And for me, that’s the whole point.”

    Lots of people get cold feet when getting into the hobby (meaning any miniature war game) because they feel hey cannot paint or model. It’s just nice to see someone lese with the same opinion.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked them. I’ve had all of my Warhammer 40K models sitting in a cabinet for a while, so I figured I’d pull them out and take some pictures. I’ve also missed converting plastic models with lots of bits to experiment with.

  2. I use to play Dark Eldar back when they were really good. With all the changes made to the other armies they have become harder to play. I keep adding to them when new models come out.

    Your bases look really cool, cooling thought about doing conversions myself but what I’ve been planning to do with a majority of mine has been time consuming.

    I love the Trevigon look too.

  3. Really liking the green color scheme! What paints do you use on it?

    • Thanks, Cazarir. 🙂 I use Citadel paints from Games Workshop. They’re what I started with when I first got into the hobby, and they’re what I feel most comfortable with.

      • Black as a base, dark angel geen/caliban green for the bodies, and then just lighter greens and finally white? Do you use any washes with that scheme?

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Black, Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, Goblin Green, Scorpion Green, White. At least I think that’s what I used. It’s been a while. 🙂 No washes on the Tyranids, though I did put a shiny coat on their black carapace segments and mouths.


  1. Warrior brood by C.S. Gotto Mean Goblin magazine
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