Warhammer 40K: Tyranid Broodlord Conversion

Presenting my Warhammer 40K Tyranid Broodlord conversion, with freshly sliced space marine.

Warhammer 40K: Tyranid Broodlord Conversion



tyranid broodlord conversion 2

Here he comes!


tyranid broodlord conversion 3


tyranid broodlord conversion 4


tyranid broodlord conversion 5


tyranid broodlord conversion 6

The space marine is just starting to slide apart …

This conversion used genestealer and tyranid warrior parts. Only the head and the feet are from the genestealer kit. One genestealer foot came with an extension for slotting into the base. I took that extension and merged it with the rubble to support the broodlord. The other foot and one knee provide additional support against the rubble. Even with the low weight of the plastic parts, the base had to be weighted. I used leftover metal bits underneath the base.

The marine was assembled whole, then sawed apart. I used green stuff to give him an acidic, melting look. I tried to make it look like the broodlord had zipped by, leaving the space marine to slowly slide apart in a cool, anime style.

As with all of my tyranids, the broodlord has no eyes since I am a big fan of the movies Alien and Aliens. In this case, the eyes were covered with a very small amount of green stuff.

The broodlord was my second tyranid model, and it remains one of my favorites. I love that only a little bit of his tail is actually over the base!

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  1. Very awesome, man. I only have one complaint: Space marines are people too! Poor space marine. 😉 Love how you made that.

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