Warhammer 40K: Tyranid Hive Tyrant Conversions

Presenting my Warhammer 40K Tyranid Hive Tyrant conversions.

tyranid hive tyrant conversion 1

“Ready or not, here we come!”

tyranid hive tyrant conversion 2

Making soldiers out of leftovers. It’s the Tyranid way!

With only a few minor modifications, I used a carnifex kit to make this hive tyrant. The most significant change is to the area where the legs and torso meet, where enough material had to be shaved off in order to get the tyrant to stand up straighter. He’s a general! No slouching!

The tyrant guard were easy enough to throw together with tyranid warrior parts and spare carapaces from the carnifex kits. The lash whips are based on ammunition feeds for the larger bioweapons with green stuff and extra spikes on the ends.

tyranid hive tyrant conversion 5

Winged hive tyrant swoops in!


tyranid hive tyrant conversion 6

Maybe I took that whole swooping thing a little too far on this one …

This winged hive tyrant is based on a trygon kit. I took one section of the tail out and joined the gap with green stuff to help differentiate it from the trygon in my army. I also left off the side pincers on the head. The wings are from the chaos demon prince kit.

tyranid hive tyrant conversion 7

Terminators and dreadnoughts are essential parts of a balanced diet, and help young tyrants develop nice, slimy coats.

Even though the model is plastic, it’s positioning is so extreme that the base required a lot of weighting. Those are old school metal terminators.

tyranid hive tyrant conversion 4

Winged hive tyrant #2!

tyranid hive tyrant conversion 3

The second winged hive tyrant has a less extreme pose. Again, I used a trygon kit, shortened the tail, and used demon prince wings. I closed the jaw and added green stuff to fill the gaps, to help give it a different look from the first winged hive tyrant.

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