Warhammer 40K: Tyranid Tervigon Conversion

Presenting my Warhammer 40K Tyranid Tervigon conversion, with vomited termagants.

tyranid tervigon conversion 1


tyranid tervigon conversion 2



tyranid tervigon conversion 5

Another poor space marine bleeding out.


tyranid tervigon conversion 4

More termagants!

I used the trygon kit to build this tervigon. For the “birthing” part of its rules, I decided to show it in a rather unconventional way. My tervigon vomits termagants! I used the Mawloc jaw as a base along with green stuff and half a termagant. I also expanded the throat with green stuff, giving the model a bulge the rest of the termagant could exist in. A glowing, gooey pile with new termagants reinforces this odd premise.

And, of course, I had to throw in a dying space marine. Just because.

The local ultramarines player really didn’t care for my tyranid models … not sure why …

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  1. This one is my favorite so far lol

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