Warhammer 40K: Space Wolves Army

Presenting my Warhammer 40K “count as” Space Wolves terminator army.

I’ve loved terminators for about as long as I’ve loved Warhammer 40K, and I always had this itch to do an all-terminator army. When the 5th Edition Space Wolves codex came out in 2009, I picked it up and was immediately drawn to the customization options with Wolf Guard. Since taking Logan Grimnar made Wolf Guard count as troops, I knew what I had to do next … start buying terminator kits!

The army consists of 2 Space Marine terminator kits, 2 Chaos Space Marine terminator kits, the Space Hulk terminators, and a Chaos terminator lord all put into a blender with Chaos spawn parts. It was a blast to put together!

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2 replies

  1. So if they’re blue they’re space marines? I think I only saw one dead. What are the gray? Do I have to start a separate cause? 😛

    Awesome set, man. You’re gifted in ways I never imagined a person could be, and you make this look amazing. Keep it up. Still weep a little at all the space marine death. Sort of want to see like a necro space marine come back and get revenge.

    • Thanks for the high praise, Paul! I’m glad you like the set. The gray guys are guardsmen. In the game, they’re very weak but there are normally a lot of them. They’re basically regular humans, whereas the space marines are genetically enhanced super soldiers.

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