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IN SHORT: A race of miniature tree elves are about to choose their next leader in a really stupid way. Hordes of personified tree rot plan to crash the party.

WHAT IT IS: Fun and visually striking, Epic took me on a ride I genuinely enjoyed from start to finish.

WHAT IT IS NOT: Don’t expect much depth beneath the flash. We’ve seen these characters before by different names in different movies.

WHAT I THOUGHT: With a title like Epic, I was expecting more, I don’t know, epic-ness? Is that even a word? But I suppose it’s better than calling the movie Didn’t Suck.

And that’s generally my feeling towards the movie. The characters were likable. The plot was zany, but entertaining. The action was good. The villain was serviceable. Art direction was very cool. Voice acting was solid. The comedic relief was absolutely hilarious (I loved the slug character)!

Yes, this movie genuinely didn’t suck.

Now, that’s not to say it blew me away. While I liked the characters, there really wasn’t anything exceptional about them. They’re all characters we’ve seen before, familiar and not overly complicated. But that’s okay. They weren’t annoying. They didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment of the movie.

I also appreciated the complete absence of a Hollywood Environmental Message™. I generally don’t like it when movies get preachy at me. It’s something of a pet peeve, and honestly, this was my biggest fear going into the movie. Being an engineer who works in Evil Corporate America™, a lot of movies portray people like me or people I work with in a really bad light.

So kudos this time for not making us out to be the villains! Again. For like the millionth time. Seriously, we’re just normal people trying to get by like everyone else.

So, yeah, fun movie. Not deep. Not really all that epic. But fun.

VERDICT: Recommended.

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  1. The movie Epic was AWESOME except the ending. I think they should make a sequel to Epic and it should be some where on the giude lines of that Mary Katherine, her dad, and Ozzy(the dog) would be shrunk and have to learn how to be like the leaf people and maybe Mary Katherine or her father would turn evil and they have to turn him back into a good person

    • Thanks for stopping by, Paige. Honestly, I was pretty surprised by how enjoyable I found the movie. Like I said in the review, it didn’t blow me away, but if they make one, I’d be willing to check out the sequel.

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