Discarded – Book Review

Never underestimate the power of a good title, y’all. I read this entirely because its series name was Dumpstermancer – and ended up finding a surprise favorite. In Discarded (Dumpstermancer #1) by Michael J. Allen, talented spell architect Elias Graham… Read More ›

Halfway Dead – Book Review

If the tagline “Come for the waffles. Stay for the magic.” doesn’t grab you by the throat and plunge your eyeballs straight into Terry Maggert’s Halfway Dead then you, my friend…well, probably haven’t met the right waffle. Which is all… Read More ›

Redline – Anime Review

While watching Promare’s spectacular animation, I was reminded quite a bit of Redline, and then when writing my Promare review, I realized I’d never actually reviewed Redline. So I’m here to remedy that. Redline is a 2009 anime that follows… Read More ›

Promare – Anime Review

Pssh. Right, like a Trigger movie would come to our local theatre and it NOT be a Mandatory Date Night. Promare starts with a literal bang, as half the world’s population spontaneously bursts into flames, thus marking the Great World… Read More ›

Suicidal Samurai – Book Review

Several years ago at Anime Weekend Atlanta, we had the pleasure to be table neighbors with Sarah G. Rothman, and when she described her book Suicidal Samurai as “a samurai-cowboy solves mysteries in Victorian Japan,” it was a natural insta-buy…. Read More ›

Food Wars (S1) – Anime Review

After subjecting Jacob to the emasculating experience that was Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, I decided to have some mercy and suggest Food Wars, which has become famous (infamous?) for its fanservice. Food Wars (aka Shokugeki no Soma) follows… Read More ›

Everything I Am I Owe to Bad Movies

The #1 question readers ask authors is “What inspires you to write?” Many authors have deep answers like “intellectual curiosity” or “the ability to create my own reality,” but mine’s nothing of the sort. My greatest inspiration is bad movies…. Read More ›