Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Review: Warcasters


IN SHORT: The new Convergence of Cyriss rulebook is here, and with it Privateer Press delivers a whole faction of big, mean robots! Oh, yeah!

On a presentation level, Privateer Press continues to set the bar high with a gorgeous full-color spread. Convergence models have a clean robotic look that is both very unique but also feels perfectly at home in the wider Warmachine universe. The rulebook comes fully loaded with 5 warcasters, 11 warjacks (including a Colossal!), 7 units, 1 universal unit attachment, 7 solos, and a battle engine.

Wow! Privateer Press has been busy.

Today, let’s take a look at the Convergence of Cyriss warcasters.

AURORA, NUMEN OF AEROGENESIS: One look at Aurora’s rules tells you to take Clockwork Angels. She’s practically one herself with similar weapons and a big pair of robotic wings. Not only does she give them Combined Melee Attack, but she can Flank with them, getting +2 MAT and an additional damage die in melee when there’s a Clockwork Angel helping out. And when she does get stuck in, she can use Flashing Blade to smack every enemy model in range of her melee attack (which does have Reach).

She also provides plenty of support to any friendly infantry, not just Clockwork Angels. Transference is an upkeep spell that lets infantry around her spend her Focus on melee attack or damage rolls. True Path gives infantry +2” movement and Pathfinder. So she gives infantry extra bite and extra speed. Not too bad.

Aurora definitely feels like an infantry focused warcaster, but she comes with some interesting toys for warjacks too. As with all Convergence warcasters, she gives her MAT and RAT stats to her warjacks. MAT 6, RAT 4 are decent numbers to start with. With Field Marshal [Apparition], everything in her battlegroup gets a free 2” move in the Control Phase, including her! On top of that, she can slap Admonition on herself or a warjack to get out of the way when an enemy model gets too close.

And then there’s her feat, Eleventh Hour. This gives all Convergence models in her control area Refuge. As long as they hit something, they get to make a full advance after their combat action is done. This gives Aurora’s army some really nice tactical flexibility. The obvious benefit is hitting the enemy then moving clear of retaliation, but it can be used in the other direction too. Convergence models can head deeper into the enemy lines to engage and disrupt juicy solos to the rear. Clockwork Angels, with Flight and a 3” Reform move on top of the Refuge move (that ignores free strikes, by the way), are perfect for getting deep into the opponent’s army and disrupting the heck out of it.

Did I mention Aurora goes well with Clockwork Angels?

AXIS, THE HARMONIC ENFORCER: This guy is about fighting up close and personal. He has a ton of ways to shove enemy screening models around so that his army can strike at the squishy center. His weapons have Beat Back for a 1” push every hit. His spell Battering Ram pushes enemy models 3” away. And his spell Unstoppable Force gives his entire battlegroup the 2” push that comes with Bulldoze.

He also brings the love for melee warjacks. They get his solid MAT 7 (along with RAT 2, so choose accordingly) as well as Counter Charge, which can hinder the enemy further. Because, seriously, who wants to come into range of a whole battlegroup of MAT 7 warjacks that get free charges? Never mind that one of those warjacks will have Iron Aggression and the boosted melee attack rolls that come with it. Throw in Razor Wall on top of this for a wall template that is instant death to light infantry, and Axis has plenty of ways to force the enemy to engage on his terms.

His feat, Circumpotence, further hinders the enemy and enhances his own. Enemy models get -2 SPD and STR while his army gets +2 SPD and STR for an extra burst of speed and hitting power at just the right moment.

Axis himself is primed to take advantage of his own feat. With the aforementioned MAT 7, two P+S 14 (before the feat) and Double Strike, he can hit an enemy fourteen times in a single turn! Can you say enemy warcaster/warlock pancake?

Yeah, I like this guy. I like this guy a lot.

IRON MOTHER DIRECTRIX & EXPONENT SERVITORS: Oh, man! Be careful when going up against this lady with warjacks! First things first, she has Backlash. Once she’s inflicted an enemy warjack with it, every time that warjack is damaged its controller takes a point of damage. Since Convergence has cheap access to models with Puncture (the attack automatically does 1 point of damage), this damage can add up quickly while milking the enemy warjack for all its worth. Against Warmachine armies, the Directrix definitely wants some Elimination Servitors.

Okay, so Backlash with lots of Puncture is bad. What’s worse? Throwing Domination into the mix. With this spell, the Directrix can take over an enemy non-character warjack, move it, and attack with it (for example, bringing it closer to her army and turning it around for the back strike bonus).

With Field Marshall [Arc Node], every warjack is a possible source for her spells, so she’s not going to have problems slinging Backlash and Domination from a safe distance. Even the two servitors in her unit can act as Arc Nodes. She can even create replacement servitors (i.e. Arc Nodes) in the Control Phase.

So, yeah, she’s bad news for enemies with warjacks. Other than that, she seems to have a stronger focus on ranged combat than other Convergence warcasters. She comes with a really nice 4” AOE attack with POW 15. Her servitors can set enemies up with bonus damage. She can give her battlegroup +2” RNG with the Fire Group spell. And she can give a model or unit some nice move-shoot-move with Tactical Supremacy, giving them a 3” move at the end of their activations.

And then there’s her feat, Mathematical Perfection. Her MAT 5 and RAT 5 get replaced with her FOCUS 8 stat. And yeah, so do all her warjacks. That’s a whole battlegroup of MAT 8, RAT 8. Yikes!

FATHER LUCANT, DIVINITY ARCHITECT: Lucant and his army look like a force that will not go down easily. He comes with plenty of tools to outlast his opponent and avoid assassination, even with his large base.

Let’s start with his spell list. Deceleration gives friendlies in his control area +2 DEF and +2 ARM against ranged attacks. Purification stands ready to clear the board of unwanted continuous effects, animi, and upkeep spells. And Watcher is a neat spell that helps keep Lucant safe. When an enemy moves within 6” of Lucant, a warjack in his battlegroup gets to move and attack, either at range or with melee and with boosted attack and damage rolls. Depending on the warjack attack used, this can end up doing things like knocking down the offending model or dragging it away to get swatted by the Convergence colossal, the Prime Axiom.

Lucant has plenty of other abilities that keep him safe. He’s Repairable, and Convergence has lots of ways to repair models. Unless the assassination puts him down completely, he can repair and be back in the fight. With 21 hit boxes, ARM 17, and 7 Focus, he is not a soft target. Also, he’s Steady, so that DEF 14 isn’t getting negated by knocking him down.

His feat, Clockwork Reinforcement, emphasizes this further. Convergence models get +4 ARM and Repair skill checks pass automatically. Combined with Field Marshall [Shield Guard] his feat really shines. Even when enemy attacks are effective, Shield Guard can allow the hits to be absorbed by heavy warjacks with enhanced ARM values. Yeah, just try chewing through his army on feat turn.

His MAT 6 and RAT 3 will cause his battlegroup to lean towards a melee focus, which is fine because his Positive Charge spell fits that template nicely. Affected warjacks get +2 melee attack and damage rolls. Even better, friendly models within 3” also get the bonus. He can even spam it to multiple warjacks, since it only costs 2 Focus and isn’t an upkeep spell.

Overall, Lucant’s rules seem to encourage a combined arms approach. I picture him with a mix of heavy warjacks and heavy infantry to benefit the most from his feat, spells, and plenty of support models with Repair.

All in all, he looks like a tough customer that’s pretty fun to play.

FORGE MASTER SYNTHERION: Here’s a guy who’s all about the warjacks. He loves warjacks and warjacks love him. First, he has MAT 6 and RAT 5, good attack stats for his battlegroup. Next, he comes with Field Marshal [Auto-Repair], which removes d3 damage points from every model in his battlegroup during the control phase, including him! He’s also Resourceful, so he upkeeps spells on his battlegroup for free.

And what do these spell do? Well, there’s Hot Shot, which gives boosted ranged damage rolls to a model in his battlegroup. Yikes, just picture that on the Prime Axiom! Just in case you’re wondering, that’s 6 shots at 13” with boosted POW 11.

Okay, so he does ranged warjacks well, but how about melee? Yeah, he does that too with Synergy. This spell gives an accumulative +1 bonus to melee attack and damage rolls to members of a battlegroup for each other battlegroup model that hit with a melee attack. Given that Convergence has a 3 point melee warjack (to potentially take in large numbers), this bonus can get pretty ridiculous.

On top of that, he comes with a powerful debuff spell that reduces an enemy model’s or unit’s SPD and DEF by 2 and gives charging Constructs an extra 2″! And I haven’t even gotten to his feat, yet, which lets his battlegroup charge without spending focus and let’s them use both their ranged and melee weapons to full effect.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Reconstruct. When a warjack with this spell is disabled, it immediately repairs 1 damage point in each system and gets placed within 3” of its current location. So, his warjacks can stick around even longer. With ARM 18, 20 damage boxes, Auto-Repair, and Repairable, Syntherion is sticking around for a while too.


I have to say that these warcasters look fun to play with and challenging to play against.

The Convergence of Cyriss is an exciting new faction with gorgeous models and solid rules. As more of their models get released and people get used to their new abilities, I look forward to seeing their full might displayed on the tabletop.

Should be exciting!

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