Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Review: Warjacks


IN SHORT: The new Convergence of Cyriss rulebook is here, and with it Privateer Press delivers a whole faction of big, mean robots! Oh, yeah!

On a presentation level, Privateer Press continues to set the bar high with a gorgeous full-color spread. Convergence models have a clean robotic look that is both very unique but also feels perfectly at home in the wider Warmachine universe. The rulebook comes fully loaded with 5 warcasters, 11 warjacks (including a Colossal!), 7 units, 1 universal unit attachment, 7 solos, and a battle engine.

Wow! Privateer Press has been busy.

Today, let’s take a look at the Convergence of Cyriss warjacks.

VECTORS: All Convergence warjacks are considered vectors, which brings a few interesting wrinkles with it. First, they take their controlling warcaster’s MAT and RAT stats as their own. Second, they don’t have a cortex, making them immune to abilities that prey on cortexes, such as the Cryx Machine Wraith.

Finally, there’s Focus Induction. When a vector spends a focus point, it can allocate a focus point to another vector within 6” that’s in the same battlegroup. You can literally have the same focus point get used by every vector in the whole battlegroup. Not too bad.


COROLLARY: Meet the Convergence warcaster’s best friend. The Corollary accumulates free focus when near its controlling warcaster, extends said warcaster’s control range, can store up focus for later, and can power up nearby warjacks. And it does it all for 3 points. For a support piece, its 18 hit boxes are nothing to sneeze at either.

So, yeah. Get used to this guy. You’ll be seeing a lot of him.

DIFFUSER: Here’s a 3-point light warjack that I can see fitting in a lot of lists. Its main call to fame is the Homing Ripspike. Hit an enemy model with this and friend models can charge it for free. They also get +2” on the charge, so it helps both warjacks and infantry out.

Now, that’s great, but the Diffuser has to hit its target first, and some of the Convergence warcasters have really low RAT. So, should they leave the Diffuser at home? Well … not necessarily. You see, the Homing Ripspike has Luck. It rerolls misses.

With boosted range attacks from Focus Induction and rerolls from Luck, a bad RAT score means a lot less than you might think. The Diffuser is an excellent supporting light warjack.

GALVANIZER: For 3 points, you get a decent POW melee attack and the ability to Repair with a solid skill check of 9. The Repair skill is pretty awesome in Convergence, especially since some of their warcasters are Repairable, and the Galvanizer can attempt a repair even if it’s on its last hit box. Nice!

MITIGATOR: Here’s a 4-point warjack with a quirky gun called the Razor Bola. It’s an AOE 3 with Puncture and Quake. Anything hit automatically takes a point of damage. Not bad for clearing infantry behind a shield wall. And if the target is directly hit, everyone hit is knocked down. Pretty cool, huh?

The catch? The Razor Bola’s range is only 7”.


ASSIMILATOR: Packing the ridiculously named Dissevering Microswarm, the Assimilator means business. This gun can perform the Ground Pounder special attack. Place its 4” AOE anywhere completely within its 11” range and make one ranged attack roll (oh, and boost this roll while you’re at it, just to be safe). This attack ignores concealment, elevation, Stealth, doesn’t scatter, and doesn’t need LOS. Whew! That’s quite a list! Anything hit suffers a POW 12 damage roll.

With the ability to ignore so many special rules, the Assimilator will find a welcoming home in many lists. It even comes with a solid melee attack. It’s only P+S 14, but it has Weapon Master to compensate.

CIPHER: Versatility is the Cipher’s middle name. Its Servipod Mortar is a two-shot 4” AOE with three useful modes. It can perform POW 6 blast damage, can create craters of rough terrain, or inflict enemies with -2 DEF. And when it’s done shelling the enemy, it can close in with its two P+S 18 Piston Spikes. It’s also built solid with Steady, ARM 19, and 32 hit boxes: traits it shares with the Inverter and the Monitor.

With so much flexibility built into a single model, I can easily see the Cipher becoming Convergence’s go-to heavy warjack. Even with low RAT from some warcasters, its multiple, flexible AOE blasts can still get the job done.

CONSERVATOR: This heavy warjack wants to get in close and personal, and goes great with supporting infantry. Not only can it protect vulnerable models by taking ranged hits with Shield Guard, it also benefits from infantry casualties with Hand of Vengeance. If a Convergence warrior model falls within 5” of the Conservator, it gets +2 attack and damage rolls for that round. This can take it as high as MAT 9 with Axiom or even MAT 10 with the Directrix on feat turn.

The Assimilator/Conservator/Modulator chassis is somewhat squishy with only ARM 18 and 28 hit boxes, so the Conservator comes with two bucklers to lift its ARM to a very respectable 20 and Pathfinder to help it get to grips with the enemy.

INVERTER: With only SPD 4, the Inverter is going to take its time getting to the enemy, but when it does, watch out! Its Macropummeler is P+S 20 and inflicts knockdown! Yes, you read that right. P+S 20 on an 8-point warjack.

To balance this absurd power, the Macropummeler can only be used once a round, so the Inverter must rely on its Meteor Hammer for all other attacks. In this case, a still impressive P+S 17 Chain Weapon with Reach.

The Inverter, ladies and gentlemen. Slow, but really hard hitting.

MODULATOR: This heavy warjack is dirt cheap at 6 points and has some interesting anti-infantry abilities. It comes with two Emitter Surges, POW 10 guns with 11” range. Whenever they hit a target, draw a line between the target’s center and the Modulator’s center. Anything in that line gets an automatic POW 10 electrical zap.

Defensively, it has Plasma Nimbus. Any infantry that engage it has to contend with more automatic POW 10 electrical zaps whenever they land a melee hit.

If the Modulator can get off a good shot, it can fry a whole mess of infantry. But still, lining up an Emitter Surge shot for maximum effect can be tricky and can leave the Modulator vulnerable to counter attack. Unfortunately, it is poorly equipped to go head-to-head with other heavy warjacks or even heavy infantry.

MONITOR: This heavy warjack feels like a sniper to me. Its gun, the Ellipsaw Flinger (I love these names!), has 13” range and POW 13. Pretty good for a Convergence warjack. But better yet is True Sight! It ignores concealment, Camouflage, and Stealth. Combined with the Ellipsaw Flinger’s Critical Brutal Damage, the Monitor can deliver some impressive pain at range.

And for when things get crowded, it can pound away with its Spring-Spike Fist, which can make Sustained Attacks. So once it hits, it can keep on auto-hitting until it’s out of focus. All in all, a pretty well-balanced warjack. There are a lot of annoying soft targets running around with Stealth, and the Monitor can make short work of them.


PRIME AXIOM: And now here’s the big boy! So what is there to say about the Convergence’s colossal? Well, for starters, it’s one fine colossal!

Let’s start with the fundamentals. SPD 5, ARM 20, and 58 hit boxes. Solid. It gets two P+S 20 melee attacks with Open Fist and Sustained Attack. Now, Sustained Attack on something that hard hitting is really nice. Also, it’s a vector, naturally, so it benefits from Focus Induction and will take on the MAT and RAT of its warcaster, for better or for worse.

For guns, it has a really nice spread. Its Accelespiker can fire twice with Auto Fire [3] for a total of 6 shots. Not bad for a range 13” POW 11 gun. But the real stars are the Tow Cables!

These two beauties come with 11” range, Drag, and Puncture! Combined with the Prime Axiom’s SPD 5, it can pull in models up to 16” away and wallop it repeatedly with P+S 20 melee attacks. Ouch!

Oh, and it also spits out a servitor solo every turn. Just in case it wasn’t awesome enough. Never mind that most Convergence warcasters come with plenty of support for this beast.

Syntherion can boost all of its ranged attacks, among plenty of other tricks. The Directrix can give it MAT 8 RAT 8 for a turn. Lucant can give it +2 melee attack and damage (along with everything within 3”), and he can hide effectively behind its huge base.

Even Axis can use it by boosting all of its melee attack rolls. Boosted MAT 7 sweep attacks anyone? Bulldoze on a huge base? His Rat 2 is going to be a liability, but the Axiom can still boost to hit and drag in enemy heavies for a pounding. Heck, even Aurora can use it for some Drag and Refuge shenanigans on feat turn, though she’s better suited for warjacks that can use Apparition and Admonition.

All in all, the Prime Axiom is a great colossal.


For a faction fresh out of the gate, Convergence has some really impressive warjacks that mesh well with the army as a whole.

The Convergence of Cyriss is an exciting new faction with gorgeous models and solid rules. As more of their models get released and people get used to their new abilities, I look forward to seeing their full might displayed on the tabletop.

Should be exciting!

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