Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Review: Units


IN SHORT: The new Convergence of Cyriss rulebook is here, and with it Privateer Press delivers a whole faction of big, mean robots! Oh, yeah!

On a presentation level, Privateer Press continues to set the bar high with a gorgeous full-color spread. Convergence models have a clean robotic look that is both very unique but also feels perfectly at home in the wider Warmachine universe. The rulebook comes fully loaded with 5 warcasters, 11 warjacks (including a Colossal!), 7 units, 1 universal unit attachment, 7 solos, and a battle engine.

Wow! Privateer Press has been busy.

Today, let’s take a look at the Convergence of Cyriss units.


CLOCKWORK ANGELS: These mechanical ladies prefer to engage at range, and they have plenty of abilities to help them do that. With SPD 7, Advanced Deployment, and Flight, Clockwork Angels are fast. Reform gives them a 3” move after they’re done attacking, which helps them hold the distance open. They also have Blade Shield, which gives them +2 DEF to ranged reprisals.

Offensively, their primary weapon is the Binomial Beam. It has 10” range and POW 10. Nothing special, but the Clockwork Angels can use Combined Ranged Attack. When all 3 of them (they only come in units of 3) combine, that attack becomes RAT 8 and POW 13. Very nice!

Like most Convergence infantry, they are clockwork vessels. Basically, they’re not living models, but they do generate soul tokens. They also have magical weapons, which is something Convergence doesn’t have a lot of.

All in all, a nice ranged harassing unit at only 3 points.

OBSTRUCTORS: Basic, cheap, dependable Shield Wall unit. They come with Combined Melee attack and a Chain Weapon with Reach, so they can also act as an anti-Shield-Wall unit. Nothing too fancy, but solid nonetheless.

OPTIFEX DIRECTIVE: Coming in units of 3 and costing 2 points, the Optifex Directive brings 3 useful abilities to the table that support Construct models in the army (of which there are plenty). They can add Pathfinder to the model for a turn, make its weapons magical for a turn, or perform a Repair [8] action. All of these actions require them to be right up against their targets, though, so keeping them safe could be tough. However, having so much access to Repair in a Convergence army is worth bringing them by itself.

REDUCTORS: With stat lines similar to the Obstructors, Reductors give up their shields for shotguns! Each of them comes with a 6” spray attack at POW 13. Even better, they have the Clear! rule. Their ranged attacks automatically miss friendly models. Combine this with how spray attacks ignore shooting into melee penalties, and the Reductors are at home shooting into melee to support other Convergence models.

RAT 5 isn’t anything special, but they’re cheap and Convergence has plenty of ways to increase accuracy.


ERADICATORS: If you’re looking for heavy infantry that can mulch high DEF targets, the Eradicators can deliver.  Each comes with two P+S 12 attacks with MAT 7 and a 2” Side Step move when they hit. Not bad, but what really makes them scary is their Variable [melee] rule.

You see, Eradicator weapons have two modes. They can either add +2 to attack rolls, boosting their MAT to an incredible 9, or acting as bucklers, boosting their ARM to 17.

With two MAT 9 attacks, there isn’t much they can’t hit, and with the high ARM on the approach, they stand a good chance of reaching their targets.

RECIPROCATORS: Now here’s a Shield Wall! With base ARM 16 and 8 hit boxes, Reciprocators are tough to put down. Put them behind a Shield Wall, and they’re ARM 20. Even better, they can switch between Set Defense and Empowered Attack. Set Defense takes their DEF up to 14 against charge attacks and the like. Empowered Attack boosts their P+S to a beefy 14. They take hits like a champ and dish it out hard. What’s not to like?

PERFORATORS: High ARM models beware. It’s a whole unit of heavy infantry equiped with Armor Piercing javelins. How cool is that? By itself, the Protean Javelin doesn’t look like much. 6” of range and POW 6. Pretty measly, right? Well, for starters, it’s Armor Piercing, so anything not on a small base has its ARM cut in half. After that, the Perforators can either add Snipe for extra range or Empowered Attack for extra damage.

They also come with a P+S 12 melee attack. And thanks to the Assault rule, they can use both weapons on the charge. Nice!


TRANSVERSE ENUMERATOR: And finally, here is the universal unit attachment. This guy can be attached to any Convergence unit. Any of them. Even the Directrix’s unit!

So what does he bring for 2 points? Well, he’s got Repair [9]. Not a bad start. He brings Tactics: Ranked Attacks so that friendlies can ignore models in the unit when determining line of sight. That’s definitely useful, especially with Shield Wall units. CMD 9 can boost the low CMD 7 of many Cyriss units, letting the units spread out for more tactical options. He even comes with a flame thrower.

But the real gem is Realignment, the Enumerator’s mini-feat. Once per game, models in his unit can reroll failed attack rolls and skill checks. This is what makes the Enumerator very worth taking. He takes any Convergence unit and makes it better.


Convergence has no shortage of solid infantry and comes stocked with plenty of ways to support them. Honestly, the whole codex looks solid and fun to play.

The Convergence of Cyriss is an exciting new faction with gorgeous models and solid rules. As more of their models get released and people get used to their new abilities, I look forward to seeing their full might displayed on the tabletop.

Should be exciting!

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