Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Review: Solos & Battle Engine


IN SHORT: The new Convergence of Cyriss rulebook is here, and with it Privateer Press delivers a whole faction of big, mean robots! Oh, yeah!

On a presentation level, Privateer Press continues to set the bar high with a gorgeous full-color spread. Convergence models have a clean robotic look that is both very unique but also feels perfectly at home in the wider Warmachine universe. The rulebook comes fully loaded with 5 warcasters, 11 warjacks (including a Colossal!), 7 units, 1 universal unit attachment, 7 solos, and a battle engine.

Wow! Privateer Press has been busy.

Today, let’s take a look at the Convergence of Cyriss solos and the battle engine.


ACCRETION SERVITORS: Like all servitor solos, the Accretion Servitors come in packs of 3, but this group only costs a single point. For this bargain bin price, they bring Bodge and Strip. They can repair friendly warjacks and damage enemy warjacks, 1 point of damage at a time. They also must be base to base to do this.

A single point of damage may not seem like a big deal, but there are three of them, and their abilities always work, unlike Repair which requires a skill check. Got a point left over? Throw in some Accretion Servitors.

ALGORITHMIC DISPERSION OPTIFEX: This guy costs 1 point and you can take up to 4. He’s sort of like an arc node. When this Optifex is within 6” of a Convergence warjack, not in melee, and inside the warcaster’s control area, that warcaster can channel spells through him.

Some warcasters are going to love this guy, such as Syntherion with his Magnetic Hold debuff spell. Also, like all Optifex models, he comes with Iron Sentinel. Place him base to base with a Convergence warjack and he gets +2 DEF and +2 ARM, which takes him up to a respectable DEF 15 ARM 14.

ATTUNEMENT SERVITORS: For 2 points, here’s another set of 3 servitor solos. The Attunement Servitors come with Lumichem Ampules, a 7” range 4” AOE that does no damage, but reduces the DEF of anything hit by -2. With good speed and a wide AOE, they shouldn’t have much troubling hitting their intended targets. Any army can make use of these guys. Seriously, who doesn’t like hitting more often?

ELIMINATION SERVITORS: Another set of 3 servitors for 2 points. These come with Spike Ejectors, 9” ranged weapons with Puncture. They do an automatic point of damage against anything they hit. With RAT 5, they’re somewhat underwhelming … until you pair them with the Directrix and her Backlash spell against a Warmachine opponent. Then they become absolutely sick!

ENIGMA FOUNDRY: Do you like Convergence infantry? Well, here’s a solo that can bring them back from the dead! Most Convergence infantry are Clockwork Vessels. That means they drop soul tokens. Well, the Enigma Foundry collects Convergence soul tokens in its command range. It can then cash in those souls for more troops, either 1 medium based model or 3 small based models a turn. As a bonus, it comes with Repair [10], just in case a Convergence force needs even more access to Repair.

With a large base, the Enigma Foundry is a tempting target. ARM 18 and 10 hit boxes helps, but I see this guy hanging back, using the full extent of his command range to collect souls, then cautiously approaching the front lines to deploy extra troops.

REFLEX SERVITORS: Here’s one last set of 3 servitors for 2 points. Reflex Servitors are basically 4” AOE mines that explode at POW 7, and they have plenty of rules that help them be extra annoying.

They come with Advanced Deployment to help them get into position. Counter Charge lets them react against enemies that close within 6”. And finally, they can Dig In to take their base DEF 12 up to DEF 16! I can see these being annoying against infantry heavy forces.

STEELSOUL PROTECTOR: ARM 17, 8 hit boxes, and Shield Guard on a 2 point model. Not a bad deal. Need something to not die from shooting? Stick a Steelsoul Protector near it and let it absorb the incoming flak. It even comes with Defensive Strike, letting it poke would be attackers when they come in range. Not exactly flashy, but definitely useful for warcasters and models like the Enigma Foundry.


TRANSFINITE EMERGENCE PROJECTOR & PERMUTATION SERVITORS: Wow. What a name. I love it! I think Privateer Press may have had a little too much fun with this one.

So here’s the Convergence Battle Engine, and it’s awesome! It’s basically an artillery piece. Looking at its stat line, we have RAT 4 on a 10” spray attack at POW 10. It also has Auto Fire [2] for two shots. Not exactly impressive stuff, but that’s where the Firing Formulae comes into play.

You see, the TEP&PS probably has the most versatile gun in the whole game. Here’s how it works. After the TEP&PS moves, it deploys three satellite servitors (which can later absorb incoming fire). The positions of the satellites are key. Each servitor can either (a) add an Auto Fire shot (b) add a die to all attack rolls (c) add a die to all damage rolls. And you can do this in any combination you want!

You can conceivably roll 5 dice for attack rolls! Or 5 dice for damage rolls! Or shoot the gun 5 times! Or any combination in between! Seriously, that’s a lot of versatility in an attractive 9 point package.


Okay, I’ll admit it. I love my Cryx, but man, I’m seriously tempted to branch out and collect some Convergence. These guys are pretty solid. Plus they look fun to paint and fun to play.

The Convergence of Cyriss is an exciting new faction with gorgeous models and solid rules. As more of their models get released and people get used to their new abilities, I look forward to seeing their full might displayed on the tabletop.

Should be exciting!

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  1. The Cyriss stuff looks pretty good but I’m very unfamiliar with it – I guess I just like the aesthetic of the Cryx units better, and since I’ve only done a couple of games of WM I have a very long way to go before I get bored with them. Cyriss definitely looks very different, though! What’s their backstory? I would think with a developed world already in place it must be hard to introduce a whole new faction – I can only think of doing a Rifts-style ‘they come from another dimension’ style storyline.

    • Apparently, Convergence of Cyriss has been part of the fiction for a while now, dating back to Privateer Press products that came before Warmachine, though I don’t really know much about those.

      Honestly, I started looking at some of their fiction and was a little underwhelmed. They have this religious zealot feel that overlaps with Menoth a bit too much for my tastes. But again, I’ve only dipped my toe in their fiction, so it may get better.

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