The Gordian Protocol in the May 2019 Monthly Baen Bundle!

The Gordian Protocol Cover Photo

Baen Books is a cool publisher in that it has a lot of options for fans who are really impatient for release dates. 😀

For example, there’s its eARC collection, for readers who don’t mind upcoming releases with a few typos. There are also the Monthly Baen Bundles, wherein you can buy a handful of upcoming Baen eBooks in one chunk for the nice, wallet-friendly price of $18!

The Gordian Protocol‘s eARC has been out for a bit, and now the final form is available in the May 2019 Monthly Baen Bundle, along with titles from other such authors as Larry Correia, Kasey Ezell, P.C. Hodgell, Elizabeth Moon, David Drake, Steve White, Charles E. Gannon, and Thomas T. Thomas!

Both will only be available until the book officially releases on May 7th, so if you want these versions, be sure to click fast!

*Also, thanks to reader David Macfarlane for reminding us that we hadn’t shared this yet! 🙂

Buy the eARC Here!

Buy the May 2019 Monthly Baen Bundle Here!

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