Alternate History

Interview with Keystroke Medium!

Earlier tonight, David Weber and Jacob joined Josh and Steve over at Keystroke Medium to chat collaboration, publishing, and The Gordian Protocol. Check out the interview below! 😀 And of course, for more interviews and writing insight, visit Keystroke Medium’s… Read More ›

Booklist on The Gordian Protocol!

The early review train is chugging along! Here’s what Don Vicha at Booklist says about The Gordian Protocol! In the present, Benjamin Schröder, a history professor in South Carolina, has a mental breakdown dealing with the sudden appearance of a… Read More ›

FantaSci 2019 Con Update!

With the May 7th release of Jacob and David Weber’s The Gordian Protocol (from Baen Books) and a contract already signed for the sequel, 2019’s looking to be a big year for us. It’s only appropriate, then, that our 2019… Read More ›