David Weber reads from The Valkyrie Protocol!

Valkyrie Facebook Cover Photo

Hey, Gordian Division fans! If you’re on YouTube and would like a sneak peek at the upcoming sequel to The Gordian Protocol, head on over to The Weberverse for David’s reading of The Valkyrie Protocol, Chapter 1! 😄

…Or you could just watch it below. 😜 (And don’t forget, it’s coming October 6th, 2020 from Baen Books!)

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2 replies

  1. Not seeing Valyrie Protocol available in audible. Are there any plans to release it as an audiobook??

    • As far as we know, there is an audiobook in the works, but the release date is basically at the mercy of Audible’s production schedule. The Gordian Protocol’s audiobook came out pretty quickly after the print release, so we’re hoping that’ll be the case for Valkyrie, too. 🙂

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